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  1. Shannon Foster says:

    My husband came home with a pleasant surprise for my birthday. A box filled with Mainely Red Velvet Cupcakes! These cupcakes are delicious! They are moist and finger-licking good! You have to try them! I’ll be placing another order for my dsughter’s 2nd birthday for sure!

  2. Cindy Ballaro says:

    “Your cupcakes were SO good I had to have two!! (And, really, I’m not that much of a cupcake eater!)”

    Cindy Ballaro, Director of Awareness & Outreach
    The Respite, A Centre for Grief & Hope
    4919 Monroe Road
    Charlotte, NC 28205

  3. Sandy Endsley says:

    Hi Cassandra – We haven’t met but I attended the HeartLink Dinner last night at Nancy White’s and had the opportunity to sample your delicious Red Velvet cupcakes.

    They were fantastic – very light and moist. Thank you so much for providing dessert for all of us. I hope we have the opportunity to meet at an upcoming HeartLink meeting.

    Sandra A. Endsley, MBA
    “Helping you navigate life’s adventures”
    Highland Wealth Management, LLC

  4. Pam spellman says:

    My sister introduced my family and I to the most delicious cupcakes we’ve ever tried at my baby shower. The baby shower was a safari theme and the cupcakes had cute little animals on them along with a sweet treat at the bottom of the cupcake cookies! The guest couldn’t stop talking about how good the cupcakes were. Thank you so much for such delicious cupcakes.
    Pamela Spellman

  5. Mainely Cupcakes says:

    You are welcome Pamela! I am so glad that you as well as your guest enjoyed my delicious cupcakes that were “Made with Love”! If you are ever in the mood for some tasty cupcakes, don’t hesitate to contact Mainely Cupcakes!

  6. Beryl Perkins says:

    Well, it is like this, I lovooved the cupcakes at first bite, but then she made me a caramel cake, well all I can say is…if you were there I shared if you weren’t I had no problem eating it alone and was sorry when it was gone. There were no crumbs left. Couldn’t even tell there was a cake on that plate.
    No kidding-best cupcakes ever.

  7. Mainely Cupcakes says:

    Thank you Beryl! It gives me great pleasure when I see a smile on your face. That lets me know that I have touched your tommy as well as your heart. Mission accomplished!!! Thank you again for being a valued customer.

  8. Cassandra haywood says:

    I just love my order of petite fours. They are so delicious. I am trying not to eat all of them at one time but they are like the commercial for lays potatoe chips you just can not eat just one.i look forward to having all my bakery needs (craving) satisfied by mainely cupcakes. I recommend buying your desserts from mainely cupcakes you will be so happy you did.

  9. Jermein says:

    You had a table set up at my daughters daycare this morning and I tasted the Sweet potato cupcake and I must say….good lord that was a taste of happiness in my mouth and I am looking forward to tasting more delicious cupcakes!

  10. Mainely Cupcakes says:

    Thank you Jermein!! I’m glad that Mainely Cupcakes could put a little bit of heaven in your mouth!! We love to make our customers happy! We are looking forward to doing business with you.

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